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De-tox Blend
HKD 355
Rejuvenate Rose Blend
HKD 425
Sleeptight Baby Blend
HKD 285
Rose Absolute, light (3% Jojoba oil)
HKD 395
Unscented Nourishing Lotion Base (paraben free)
HKD 180
Jasmine Absolute, light (3% in Jojoba oil)
HKD 395
HKD 235
Tea Tree
HKD 235
Sweet Almond
HKD 195
> What is Aromatherapy?
> The Benefits of Aromatherapy
> Ways to use essential oils
> Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils
> De-tox Blend
> Rejuvenate Rose Blend
> Sleeptight Baby Blend
> Lavender
> Unscented Nourishing Lotion Base (paraben free)
> Aloe Vera Gel