Akiku Aroma – Geranium Pure Essential Oil 12ml


Elevate your wellness with our 100% pure Geranium essential oil. Purify your space, boost immunity, and lift your bust. Detoxify, rejuvenate dull skin, and combat PMS, anxiety, and depression.


Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens
Plant Family: Geraniaceae
Plants parts: Flower
Method of extraction: Distillation
Country of origin: Japan

Space purify, immune booster, cellulites, bust lifting, detoxification, dull skin, lice, PMS, cramp, menopause, oily skin, anxiety and depression, wounds, varicose veins, eczema, mature skin, sluggish liver and pancreas.

1) In burner or vaporizer
This is a very popular use for essential oils. It allows the natural fragrance of the oil to be released. Essential oils are highly volatile and burn easily because of this they should not be placed near the naked flame and the bowl of the vaporizer should be kept topped up with water and not allowed to dry out while the candle is alight.

2) Aroma Bath
Between five and eight drops of essential oil in a bath can produce a wonderful fragrance with a very positive effect. Always ensure that the oil is diluted with either carrier oil or bath salt before adding to the bath.

3) In massage
For massage, the essential oil should be blended with a carrier oil. A good guide to the level of dilution is about 2.5 to 3.0% essential oil, equivalent to 5-6 drops of essential oil for every 10mls of carrier oil.

*Do not take internally
*Keep out of reach of children
*Avoid contact with eyes
*Store in cool & dark place
*Do not use if you are pregnant
*Do not use undiluted on the skin
*Three years shelf life before open, use within one year once it is opened

植物(拉丁)學名:Pelargonium graveolens
科別: 牻牛兒科
萃取部位: 花
萃取方法: 蒸餾法

提升免疫能力, 抗菌, 淨化空間, 排毒,美肌,豐胸, 浮腫,經痛,痙攣,油性皮膚,焦慮和抑鬱,傷口,橙皮脂肪,蜂窩組織炎,靜脈曲張

1) 蒸薰法
將5 – 8滴香薰精油加入電香薰爐上或燃點蠟燭的香薰瓶

2) 浸浴
將 5 – 8 滴的香薰精油稀釋於基礎油,放入注滿暖水的浴缸中浸浴約15分鐘,即時消除疲勞,鬆弛肌肉及舒緩壓力。

3) 按摩
將香薰精油稀釋於基礎油裏按摩身體,可以鬆弛肌肉緊張,改善血液循環,消除疲勞,達至身心平衡。稀釋比例:每10毫升底油可加5- 6滴香薰精油 (可選配多至5種的香薰精油)

*所有精油或按摩油功效, 會因應環境, 使用方法, 個人體質等等因素而異。 所有商品資料, 只供參考

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