Mindful Creation Coaching (Online)


Unleash your potential, transform your life.  Embark on a journey of mindful empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Welcome to our Mindful Creation Coaching!

We believe that everyone is a spiritual being. The things that happen in our daily lives can affect our emotions, and our emotions can also influence what happens to us. It’s completely normal to have questions like: “Why do people always treat me badly?” “Why do bad things always happen to me?” “What will happen if I choose to take it or leave it?” “What is my Divine purpose in this life?” “What will happen in my future?” “How can I stop my bad habits?” or “I just want to find someone who will listen to me.”

Annie Kikuchi, Tarot Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Wellness Advisor, is here to provide you supports and help you explore the issues that may be holding you back. By letting go of beliefs that limit you and transforming negative emotions such as guilt, fear, and anger into positive ones, you can empower yourself to overcome the challenges you encounter from time to time. This journey of life allows you to fully experience your spiritual nature of wholeness and well-being.

Through the use of tarot coaching, NLP techniques, energy clearing, visualization, meditation, manifestation, affirmations, self-hypnosis techniques…etc, Annie will guide you on a path of mindful life creation. Our aim is to assist you in awakening your inner sense of wholeness and empowering you to unleash your highest potential. We want you to achieve your ultimate goals and enjoy every step of your life journey.

USD 120 / 45-minute sessions 

Booking an appointment with us is simple and easy – just click the “Make Appointment” button below and tell us your preferred date & time slot, and we’ll send you a payment link to confirm your session.


  1. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Your sessions are completely private and will not be shared with anyone else.
  2. All the sessions are for guidance and learning purposes only.  It can’t replace professional medical, legal, or business opinions and advice. It won’t force you to follow a specific course of action or try to control your free will and common sense. It’s a tool to help you gain insight and make informed decisions.
  3. All final decisions are subject to client’s decision, we, Akiku Aroma, operated by KIKUCHI ANNIE (CO.), hold no responsibilities for client’s final decisions or actions.


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